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Who am I?

What makes me tick?


Mother of 2 wonderful adults. Guardian of 4 crazy rescue dogs. Divorced and happily remarried. Lover of words. Obsessed with learning. Hates being photographed. Would rather think outside the box in the middle of a forest by a slow flowing stream.

Issues of interest

Mental Health especially post natal depression, anxiety and depression.
Animal welfare - in particular the call to adoptdontshop.
Child development including Home Education.
Small Independent Businesses - and not just because I am one.
Modern families - especially the relationship between step-relations and divorced-relations.
Environment - volunteer with Become Carbon Negative. Recently achieved NCFE Certificate in Understanding Climate Change and Environmental Awareness
Town Planning - Having left a successful career in Town Planning, I`m now back helping communities and individuals who are finding the present process challenging - only words though - no drawings

Looking for

Authors: writers who need a buddy, they are at the stage where they need someone to be a mix of editor, beta reader, critic (but not too much), marketing advisor, and of course cheer leader.

Publications: magazines, websites, blogs - who need a writer to create content for Jo Bloggs - a writer who is your average person on the street, who is in reality Jo Bloggs ,with a good grasp of words.


Perhaps it's easier to say what isn`t on my list. I`ve never been able to read horror books. Books with violence in them aren`t for me. I don`t think erotica is a strength of mine. 

Sometimes I surprise myself. I`ve just assisted with a great novel with Zombies as the main characters. A historical novel is on my laptop. I`m learning so much about Budapest from another client.

Who am I?: CV
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