Editing Packages

Different options for payment

Editing Packages

What we do as part of your edit?

We combine a developmental approach with copyediting:

  • Look at the structure of the story

  • How chapters run together

  • Check or question research, forward additional research that we have done

  • Spelling, grammar, punctuation

  • Repetition of words

  • Factual errors

  • Mark up areas that are unclear in their meaning

  • Question whether your characters would really say or do that

All our ‘edits’ are suggestions (or questions), you can ignore them, take them on board or a mix of the two. This is your story, your voice, your passion.


What does a package involve?

Our packages are basically a monthly subscription. Pick a package based on what you can afford, how quickly you need your book editing and how many words you would like to send every month (and how many words you want returning every month for you to analyse and possibly change). After an initial £10 deposit, we edit and then you pay at the end of 4 weeks. Then we do the same the next month.

What is the average cost of editing?

You are unlikely to find a good editor who will edit your work for much less than £10 for a 1000 words. Editors normally quote per word so £0.01 per word or if you are lucky £.008 per word. That`s $11 (USA) $18 (Australian)

Developmental/copy editing is usually more expensive than this because of the extra work that it is included.

Our packages can work out better for writers because they are monthly subscriptions. They work for Words On The Street as it allows flexibility and we are not tied down to deadlines. It also means the work is even more interesting as within one week there may be 4 or 5 authors work being edited. A win win situation

If you need other advantages of our packages:

  • Helps a coaching relationship as we get to know you over time

  • We can spot challenges earlier on and you have plenty of time to consider them rather than racing against the clock

  • We come back to your manuscript fresh

  • You get chapters returned individually so there is excitement rather than you feeling overwhelmed.


Slowly does it

£25 per month up to 5,000 words

Feeling brave

£35 per month up to 7,000 words

Confidently pushing forward

£50 per month up to 11,000 words

We`ve got this

£75 per month up to 16,000 words