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How I Got Here

I’ve been writing for other people and organisations for as long as I can remember, my own stories remaining in my head. The Pandemic of 2020 gave me a wonderful opportunity to really study the art of writing and to make a decision regarding my new career and of course start my own novel - 'You will never leave me again'.

Like many craftspeople I was hesitant about the quality of my work despite the months of study. So for several months I worked on a voluntary basis alongside budding authors, helping in the background to ensure their story reached its full potential.  

I still work with those people and love the progress their stories are making. The difference now is I know I am good at what I do. I will always carry on studying, I owe it to my clients but it`s time to make a mark in the real world too.

Words On The Street aims to be different to traditional editing companies. Many authors have a love/hate relationship with their editors, some experience great anxiety when dealing with this head teacher figure who is marking their very precious personal manuscripts. That can`t be right.

So using our substantial experience and increasing knowledge in this area - Words On The Street will be friendly, positive and understanding in all things to do with writing - editing, ghost writing and copy writing. All writers and those with ideas that need writing down will be supported, their work developed, and potential realised. 


As a Wordsmith I am also privileged to be in a position to write about things that are important to me and that I have knowledge of and experience in - from mental health issues to rescue dogs, Home Education to sustainability.

My writing career first started in earnest via Town Planning - unable to draw, my skill with words became my main weapon in arguing the rights or wrongs of a variety of developments.  

Whilst my Portfolio is still being built up, I am always happy to produce a relevant sample of my work - editing, proofreading or article/report writing. You just need to ask.

Bio: About Me
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